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30 minute lunch break or full day off…we’ve got time for everyone!

woman performing lunges to stretch



Our AWESOME 30 minute Lower Body sequence will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and less stressed as you take on the day or the rest of the afternoon.

From your hips to your tips, we pinpoint the most likely sources inhibiting mobility while improving flexibility. Lots of big muscles down here, and a lot of little ones most of us don’t even know about that can cause restriction and limit our daily performance.


Our Upper Body series will have you feeling loose and limber. Resetting your alignment and posture to your proper form.

Here the major muscle groups and common culprits of discomfort and tightness in the upper body get dealt with. From the neck down to the lower back, this session will lengthen and strengthen your upper body like nothing you’ve ever done before.


  • 4 PACK  $145  (SAVE 10%)
  • 8 PACK  $280 (SAVE 12%)


We also offer an AMAZING 60 minute Full Body session that will have you melting into the table by time we’re done with you!

A combination of both the upper and lower body series that can only be described as the best damn thing you’ve done for your body in ages!


  • 4 PACK  $270 (SAVE 10%)
  • 8 PACK  $530 (SAVE 12%)


AMR is an advanced method of assisted and active fascial therapy, and is a key component of every stretch session. Engaging the muscle while stimulated with our active high velocity impulse tool, through flexion to full extension, is the critical element of enhancing mobility. Traditional massage works on a muscle that is ‘relaxed’. The difference is that AMR works on a muscle that is actively moving through it’s entire range of motion, engaging the brain and resetting the neurological pathways, while breaking up scar tissue and adhesions. This is absolutely essential to increasing flexibility and movement capabilities.


young woman smiling with her leg extended on a yoga mat


Strain Counter Strain is an incredibly effective stretch technique that incorporates contractions within a stretched muscle to facilitate neurological adaptation. A stretch creates pressure. That pressure, if it gets too intense, will signal the brain to stop the stretch. When we contract the muscle at it’s end stretch range we develop balance, strength and we train the brain that the muscle is strong and it’s safe to move deeper into the stretch. This stretching method was originally developed as a form of rehabilitation because it evokes motor response and improves neuromuscular control and function through multiple movement patterns.

So Who Needs Us? Well, Who Doesn’t.

Literally every person on the planet will benefit from a good old fashioned stretch…especially one implemented with our techniques and the latest technology.

Whether you’re looking for a post-workout stretch, a morning wakeup, an afternoon refresher, or an evening treat…we’ve got you covered!

And with 12 hours of availability every day, 7 days a week, you’re sure to find a time or two in the week that will fit YOUR schedule.

Stretch Yourself in New Ways – Schedule an Appointment Today