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Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your athletic performance or looking to improve your health and quality of life, Stretch Body Lab can help in ways you never thought possible. Increase in flexibility and GREATER overall stamina and energy will help make everyday tasks easier, and so much more enjoyable.

Over time, with a steady dose of stretching here at Stretch Body Lab, we will improve your quality of life by alleviating muscle tension, reducing pain and increasing performance.

Working with clients of all ages in the Vancouver area, Stretch Body Lab encourages and promotes proper alignment, posture, and balance through SCS (Strain Counter Strain) and AMR (Active Myofascial Release).

The benefits from STRETCH BODY LAB not only include your physical well-being, but your mental health as well, by increasing blood flow to the brain, relieving stress and helping with cognitive focus.

three people working out on a rooftop

What is Strain Counter Strain (SCS) Stretching?

To fully understand why SCS is the best stretching technique in the world, you must first have a basic understanding of what ACTUALLY happens when you stretch a muscle. Although it’s a common assumption, muscles don’t exactly work like elastic bands. While there is elastic property to muscles and tendons, when you stretch you don’t actually make the muscle longer! Mind blowing, we know.

The muscle is fixed to tendons and those tendons are anchored to your skeletal system. There is no changing the shape of that.

The muscles ability to ‘stretch’ is a direct result of your nervous system’s ability to handle the pressure in any given range of motion.
 Your body is constantly sending signals back and forth between your nervous system and your muscles. It’s literally how we move.

With SCS stretching we begin with finding a comfortable stretch near your end range. From there, we have you actively engage the muscle and contract within the stretch. This (in basic terms) sends a signal to your brain and tells it “we are safe here, we are strong and we can push further”. After the contraction, you then relax the muscle again, and because the brain has been communicated with and has learned, the range of motion immediately increases. This does NOT happen with ANY other form of stretching! And we repeat that cycle several times. This is completely different than any other form of stretching because we are actively rewiring the communication channels between the body and the brain, telling the body over and over again that it is safe to allow for more range of motion. That is why there are immediate results (and relief) with SCS and almost no immediate results with other forms of stretching.


Here’s an idea of how quickly our methods will get you where you want to be vs static stretching on your own.

graph comparing static stretching versus stretch body lab SCS

The body is incredible and the brain is in constant communication with the nervous system and muscles, constantly adjusting and adapting to our environment.

illustrated fascia diagram

What is Active Myofascial Release (AMR)?

In simple terms, fascia is a thin sheath that wraps around our muscles and organs, offering support and reducing friction during movement. Injury, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and more could cause the fascia to become unhealthy and restrict the movement of our muscles.

As you can see in the image, fascia wraps around the muscle and is also weaved within it to provide smooth movement between fibres.

Over time, adhesions and scar tissue build up to inhibit the mobility of the muscles and fascia.

So we introduce to you, Active Myofascial Release!

When we stretch on our own (passive), at home or at the gym, has it’s limitations. There is only so much range you can get out of a self-induced stretch. And there is only so much you can get out of passively applying a massage device to a muscle.

What we offer here at STRETCH BODY LAB tears down those limitations and takes your body to a level it has never seen before.

The active assisted component of AMR is the secret behind our tremendous results.

Active muscles are learning and are sending signals to the brain and are constantly adapting. Static muscles, either in a stretch or in a massage, take substantially longer to adapt, IF they adapt at all.

Using a high-velocity device, we unlock your body’s fascial neuromuscular pathways with a pulsing, mild pressure that acts similar to a massage… only much more effective. During the pulse we actively engage the muscle, and move it through the entire range of motion while stimulating the nervous system. This combination produces immediate results, as well as long-term retraining of the neural programming of your myofascial connections. BOOM! Now you know the secret! Most massages alone are passive, and so is static stretching. Once you make it active, you unlock the muscle (and the magic) of what your body is capable of.

This technique uses fast, targeted pulsing to aid in your body’s tissue growth and repair. This type of vibration has even been shown to help your body to produce osteoblasts (the cells that build your bones). Our AMR technique also helps to relax sore, stiff muscles, improves mobility and range of motion and accelerates warmup and recovery time for many clients. And did we mention it feels AMAZING!!!

Activating the muscle with the targeted pulse helps break up scar tissue (adhesions) and helps release entrapped nerves so your muscles, joints and nerves can move freely again.

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