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A brand new boutique stretch facility located in historic Gastown, Vancouver.
We have developed an assisted, adaptive stretch modality involving both Strain-Counter-Strain (SCS) stretching and Active Myofascial Release (AMR). Our AMR technique involves using an active, high velocity impulse tool to bring you a stretch that is scientifically proven to get results.   Come to Stretch Body Lab for the best, most advanced stretch session you’ve ever had in your life!

And what do our sessions do?

We help you achieve absolute peak performance, recover quicker, and prevent injuries.
We help you regain former movement capabilities you were accustomed to at your peak physical and mental state.
We help you achieve performance levels you never thought possible.
We help you battle mobility deficits by fighting the forces of every day life that promote poor posture, shortened muscles and overall stiffness.

Learn More About Us

young woman smiling with her leg extended on a yoga mat


Okay listen, yoga is the perennial cool kid in the class…we all know that. Unfortunately, not all of us can find the perfect Buddha crested yoga mat and matching 5 toed treaded socks, nor can we handle the inevitable aftereffects of looking like a wet cat spit out by a tsunami as we stroll into Body Energy Club for a post vinyasa smoothie.

If you do practice yoga, our techniques will help you IMPROVE your postures so you can strut into class confidently knowing you’re going to downward the heck outta that dog!

If time or scheduling has been an issue, we have the solution; book anytime throughout the day, 30 or 60 minutes, and show up…we’ll take care of the rest. Namaste!


Today’s world has us sitting in front of a computer, tv screen, or slouched over looking down at our phone more often than not. To make matters worse, we seem to have made stretching less of a priority. Sitting all day tightens your hips and hamstrings, and promotes poor posture. The issue is this…what we used to do hundreds of years ago and the way we were meant to function is being swallowed whole by an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

The human body is an amazing machine.  When we repeatedly put it through a specific pattern, the nervous system (the true master of your body’s movement) adapts into those patterns.  This deprives us of previously routine movements. A classic case of the Universal law, “use it or lose it”.

STRETCH BODY LAB can provide you with this critical element of wellness.

The things you will be capable of  in 10 years are not a result of how much weight you can move, it will be a result of how well you care for your joints and how much you nurture your mobility.

Our SCS Stretching method starts you at a comfortable range, and then we engage your muscle teach your nervous system to adapt. This reprograms your body and rewires your brain. Contracting at an end range tells your nervous system that the muscle is strong and safe at that extension, and then the body will confidently let go allowing for further range and increased flexibility. This is where our system of researched and refined patterns of movements, rhythm and flow signals your brain to reset your nervous system to a new level.

That’s how it works, friends. Nice and simple.


For those of you interested in learning the science behind our methodology

Stretch Body Lab, 126 West Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8